How to upgrade to Prime and Prime+

Guide for upgrading your roster to Prime and Prime+

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Coaches and organizations can upgrade to Prime and Prime+ Athlete Premium from the pricing page:


For $99/year, Prime gives all coaches on staff a premium dashboard, providing a high-level view of what's going on with their athletes and college recruiting efforts. Teams with Prime can see:

  • College Activity

    • Which schools are looking at my athletes?

  • Athlete Activity

    • Which athletes are logging in and updating their profiles?

  • Message Activity

    • Which schools are messaging my athletes and who is replying?

  • Promotions

    • How effective are my athlete promotions to colleges?

Prime+ Athlete Premium

Upgrading to Prime+ Athlete Premium allows coaches and teams to buy premium seats for their athletes at a discount of 70% or more.

Each seat is an annual subscription to FieldLevel Gold, which provides the following benefits to coaches and athletes:

  • College Activity

    • See which colleges are interacting with athlete profiles

  • College Matches

    • See how athletes match with college programs

  • College Research

    • More filters to search for the right colleges for athletes

  • Needs Alerts

    • Get notified when colleges post recruiting needs

  • Contact Colleges

    • Athletes can reach out to any 20 colleges in the country every month

  • Profile Boost

    • Show up higher in college search results

  • Promotions Anywhere

    • Coaches can promote their athletes to any college in the country

From the Pricing page, coaches can click Build Customer Package to choose how many premium seats they wish to purchase for their athletes.

After upgrading to Prime+ Athlete Premium, coaches can assign premium seats to individual athletes from the Athletes section on their Org Admin page, which they can find on their home feed in the top right-hand corner under Manage Organizations.

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