How to upgrade to Team Premium
Guide for upgrading your roster to Team Premium
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Coaches have two ways to provide their athletes FieldLevel Premium: upgrading individual athletes or utilizing Team Premium.

Individual athlete upgrades = $49 per month.

Team Premium = $179 per month or $1,790.00/year for your entire roster (up to 20 athletes per roster). Paying annually saves teams $358 vs. monthly.

Any coaches on the staff can upgrade to Team Premium or individual athletes.

Note: only coaches who purchased the premium plan can manage the plan details. This includes upgrading, downgrading, and selecting which athletes have access to premium features.

Team Premium

There are a couple of ways coaches can upgrade their athletes and teams to premium.

One way is from the Organization Management section, click the "..." to the right of any team and then select Upgrade to Team Premium.

The second way is from the Memberships & Payments link located on the bottom left of your team's roster page. Then, click the Upgrade this team button and follow the instructions.

On the checkout page, you have the option to select monthly or annual.

Once you have successfully upgraded, a Premium tag will appear next to the team(s) and athletes who have access to the premium features.

You can manage your subscriptions from both the Organization Management and Memberships & Payments of the team menu.

Note: for any athletes currently upgraded to FieldLevel Premium themselves, upgrading to Team Premium will transfer their premium membership, billing, and management to you. Their individual cards will no longer be charged.

Clicking the View Billing Info button provides you access to invoices, payment methods, and current plan details.

Individual Athlete Upgrades

To upgrade athletes individually vs. utilizing Team Premium, click on the Teams icon and select Memberships & Payments.

Next, click the Learn more about Premium link and then the Select Athlete to Upgrade button. From here, you can choose which athletes you'd like to upgrade and then select Checkout.

Note: if a selection box is grayed out, it means that athlete has upgraded themselves or already have premium and you can't manage their subscription at that time.

To manage your individual athlete subscriptions, visit the Memberships & Payments page and click Manage Athlete Memberships on the right-hand side.

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