Each of your players can build out a list of colleges they are interested in called a Target Schools List. This list should contain a variety of colleges and will change throughout the recruiting process. 

To help you and your athletes target the right schools, you can use the College Search Tool to research schools based on specific criteria. Furthermore, you can suggest colleges for your athletes to add to their Target Schools Lists.

College Search Tool

You and your athletes can research information on schools all over the country including:

  • School Type (Public/Private)
  • Competition Level (DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, Junior College)
  • State/Province
  • School Size
  • Tuition
  • Area of Study (Business, Communication, etc.) 
  • Etc.

Coach Suggestions

You can send your athletes suggestions on which colleges to add to their Target Schools List. Your athletes will receive your suggestions via direct message on FieldLevel. 

Promote Players From Target Schools Lists 

As a coach, you can see each of your player's Target Schools List. For each school on the list, we display the:

  • School Name (Division) 
  • Coach Name with Connection Status
  • Last Time Promoted 

From the Target School list, you can promote your athletes to any college coach with whom you're connected. Not only does this help you vet each of your player's targets, but also helps your players get more views from college coaches.

To learn more about building a strong Target School list, click here: Building a Strong Target School List

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