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Explore the new performance metrics feature for golfers at FieldLevel. This article will explain how these metrics can enhance an athlete's profile and why they're valuable for college coaches.

Understanding the importance of metrics

Metrics offer a clear view of golf skills, presenting a detailed and structured overview of an athlete's abilities to college coaches. They prove commitment, growth, and strengths as a golfer.

Key Golf Metrics

  • Average Putts Per Round: Indicates your efficiency in putting.

  • Clubhead Speed: Measures your swing speed, hinting at your driving distance.

  • Driving Accuracy: Shows how often your drives land in the fairway.

  • Driving Distance: Reflects the length of your drive.

  • Green in Regulation (GIR): Demonstrates your accuracy in reaching the green.

  • Handicap: Provides a standardized measure of your playing level.

  • Scoring Average: Offers insight into your consistency and skill level.

  • Scrambling: Highlights your ability to recover and make par.

  • Tournament Average: Shows your performance level in competitive settings.

  • Years Playing: Indicates your experience and commitment to golf.

Adding Metrics to Your Profile

  • Sign in to your FieldLevel profile.

  • Navigate to the "Performance" tab.

  • Select to add or update metrics.

  • Fill in with recent, precise information. Remember to save your changes.

  • Verify your metric using video evidence or external links. Metric verification provides concrete evidence of your achievements, giving recruiters confidence in the accuracy of your data.

Making the Most of Your Metrics

Incorporating these metrics into your profile gives college coaches a comprehensive view of your golf skills. It's a vital step in making a solid first impression.

If you need assistance or have questions about updating your metrics, our support team is ready to help.

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