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Water polo performance metrics on FieldLevel
Water polo performance metrics on FieldLevel

How performance metrics can transform your water polo profile on FieldLevel

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In this article, we’ll explore the new performance metrics feature on FieldLevel for water polo. Leveraging these metrics can greatly enhance your profile, providing a powerful tool in your recruitment journey.

The benefits of performance metrics

Performance metrics offer a detailed snapshot of your abilities, presenting a comprehensive way to display your skills to college coaches. By incorporating these metrics into your profile, you effectively highlight your strengths and development, demonstrating that you are equipped to compete at the collegiate level.

Key metrics for water polo

Here’s a breakdown of the specific metrics for water polo you can include in your FieldLevel profile and why they are important:

  • Wingspan: Measures the arm span from tip to tip, important for blocking and reach in water polo.

  • 25-yard freestyle: Assesses short-distance speed and endurance in the water.

  • 50-yard freestyle: Evaluates mid-distance aquatic agility and stamina.

  • 100-yard freestyle: Tests long-distance swimming capability, crucial for enduring entire matches.

  • Goals per game: Indicates the average number of goals scored per game, showcasing offensive skills.

  • Assists per game: Reflects the player's ability to facilitate scoring opportunities for teammates.

  • Steals per game: Demonstrates defensive acumen through the number of ball takeaways.

  • Exclusions per game: Tracks the average number of times a player is excluded, indicating discipline and impact on play.

  • Blocks per game (goalie): For goalkeepers, this metric shows the average number of shots blocked per game.

  • Hand size: Relevant for goalkeepers, showing the ability to grip and control the ball.

How to add performance metrics to your profile

  1. Log in to your FieldLevel profile.

  2. Navigate to the "Performance" section.

  3. Select "Add metric" or "Update metric" to input or revise existing metrics.

  4. Enter your metrics with the latest and most accurate information.

  5. Save your changes.

Adding these metrics to your FieldLevel profile provides a detailed account of your abilities and significantly improves your visibility to college coaches. Remember, your profile serves as your first impression—make it count with comprehensive and compelling data.

Please contact our support team for any assistance or further questions about updating your performance metrics.

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