When a team upgrades to Team Premium, every athlete on the team will now be marked as having a Premium account and will receive Premium Benefits (Up to 20 athletes per team). The coaches now get a College Activity dashboard where they can track all of their athletes' activity as well.

Coaches can access the College Activity through the Teams icon in the top menu and then selecting the desired team.

They can also select Activity on the right side of the home page for each team.

Once on the team page, coaches will be able to see the College Activity page as the first link under the Promote menu on the left-hand side.

Coaches will now be able to track all of the recruiting activities for each of their athletes' profiles from a single location.

  • Search Appearances: How many times your athletes have appeared in recruiting coaches' searches.

  • Profile Views: How many times a recruiting coach has looked at an athlete's page.

  • Video Views: How many times a recruiting coach has seen an athlete's video.

  • Follows: How many times a recruiting coach has selected to follow an athlete and get updates from them.

You can select each category to refine your list to focus on the activities you are targeting. By selecting an activity from a school, you will be able to see all of the activities from that specific school that was targeting your athlete in order to promote while the activity is fresh.

There are additional filters available to refine your work by division or level and specific athletes.

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