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Learn how Team Premium can help you and your athletes throughout the recruiting process.
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Team Premium provides coaches and athletes a one-stop shop to find more opportunities. Not only can athletes build their recruiting profiles, but coaches can manage and track their athletes' and staff's recruiting activities, work with their athletes to get in front of college coaches, and follow up on activity they're receiving from colleges.

Upgrading to Team Premium provides Premium benefits to all athletes on the roster (up to 20 athletes per roster) and additional benefits to the coaching staff.

Know which colleges are looking

As Team Premium members, coaches and their athletes can see exactly which colleges are engaging with their profiles so that you know who's interested and can follow up directly.

Coaches also receive access to a College Activity Report (seen below), which allows them to track which colleges are viewing their athletes, watching their videos, following their profiles, and more from one location.

  • Search Appearances: How many times have your athletes appeared in search results from recruiting coaches

  • Profile Views: How many times have recruiting coaches viewed your athletes' profiles

  • Video Views: How many times have recruiting coaches watched your athletes' videos

  • Follows: How many times have recruiting coaches requested to follow your athletes

Here, you can also filter the activity by specific athletes and competition levels. You can also select activities from specific schools.

Contact any college coach

Team Premium fully unlocks the network for coaches and their athletes. Coaches can recommend their athletes to any college coach to get them additional exposure, and athletes can directly contact up to 10 colleges on their Target Schools list every month to let them know why they'd be a good fit: Learn more about contacting colleges.

Track athletes' engagement

With Team Premium, coaches will never have to question if their athletes are putting in the work โ€” they'll be able to see when athletes were last active on FieldLevel, their profile completeness, and how many colleges they've contacted. This helps coaches track which athletes are on track and which ones are falling behind on the network to ultimately help everyone on their roster unlock more opportunities. Coaches can also message their athletes directly from the Athlete Activity dashboard.

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