One of the major milestones for athletes on FieldLevel is getting their first college to follow their profile. When college coaches follow your athletes' profiles, it shows that they are serious about recruiting your athletes. 

It's very important that athletes continue to update their Target Schools List once they are followed. Whenever you or your athletes make an update to their profiles, such as adding video, updating certifications, or changing commitment status, every college coach following their profiles receives a notification on their My Recruits timeline.

To understand more about your athletes' profile activity, click here: Your Athletes' Profile Activity.


To view which colleges are following your athletes' profiles, click on the number above Followers under your team on the right hand side of your home dashboard.

You can also see an athlete's college followers by clicking into your roster page on the right hand side of your dashboard. From here click the number above followers for each corresponding athlete.

In the athlete's profile follows page, you can see which colleges are following each of your athletes, when they started following that particular athlete, and some basic information about the college.

*Note: Coaches can see which colleges are following their athletes. However, if both you and your athletes would like to see more detailed profile activity, your athletes can upgrade to one of our FieldLevel Premium Plans.

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